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The programs I use most frequently in my genealogy research are listed below. Please be advised that there are many alternatives available. You may discover another program more suitable to your needs.

To read a comparison of genealogical software programs, visit the Genealogical Software Report Card.

The Mysteries of Cousinship

There are many ways to think about and calculate degrees of cousinship and numbers of removals. This is how I think of it.

All cousins have a common ancestor.

Your turn to practice: "Mary's great-grandmother is Eunice Smith. Joan's great-great-great grandmother is the same Eunice Smith. How are Mary and Joan related?" If you place your mouse over the question mark below, the answer should appear. But don't cheat! Try to figure it out first.

The Wikipedia entry on "Cousin" gives several ways of determining relationships. It also includes several charts that might be helpful - but might also add to the confusion. Find one that makes sense to you.

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