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Answering the following questions will help you become familiar with the online resources at the Family History Library's website. In addition, you will become familiar with what I term a surveying procedure. All the questions are based on the Kinsey family of Wayne and Henry Counties, Indiana, and Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Most of these questions can be answered by using the FamilySearch online web site. Note that this site will be opened in a separate window. You will be able to view both the FamilySearch and this worksheet at the same time. If you would like help in answering a question, click on the red question mark to the left.

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  1. The Family Search program has several options. Use the Ancestral File option to see what you can discover about descendants of Edmund Kinsey, born ca. 1683, of Bucks Co., PA.
    1. Who did he marry? When? Where?
    2. Your ancestor is his son Samuel Kinsey. Who is his wife? What further information is available on him?
    3. Who submitted the information on this family?
      Submission information allows you to contact members of your extended family. Because Ancestral File information is unreliable, use it for research clues and for family contacts.
    4. When citing this source, you must include the name of the website, the Ancestral File version number, the URL (web address), and the date you accessed the site. Can you devise a citation for the information on the Edmund Kinsey family?
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  1. Using the International Genealogical Index (IGI) for a parent search, find the children of Samuel Kinsey, son of Edmund (above).
    1. You have been told that your ancestor was Samuel Kinsey's oldest son Thomas. Look for all records for this Thomas Kinsey. What discrepancies exist here? Can you explain them?
    2. Only one of these records has a source named. What is it?
      [Additional suggestion: Try a second search using only a surname, the region and the batch number or film number found in the record. What have you discovered?]
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  1. In the IGI:
    1. Find the children of Thomas Kinsey and Margaret Smith of Pennsylvania. Supposedly, your ancestor was their son Joseph, born in 1766. What do you suspect?
    2. Why are there multiple entries for the children of Edmund Kinsey and his wife Sarah?
    3. You know that Ann Elizabeth Kinsey married Eleazar Malone before 1850 in Indiana. Can you find that marriage record?
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  1. The Family History Library Catalogue has several sections: Place, Surname, Author, Subject, Call Number, and Film/Fiche. This is your source for microfilmed copies of original documents worldwide.
    1. What records might you order in your search for the Kinsey family (Quakers) of Bucks County, PA?
    2. The family of interest left Bucks County before 1850. What vital records are available on them?
    3. In addition to deeds, what other records seem to appear with the land records?
    4. What other county is included in the probate records? Do you have any idea why?

  2. Pick two probable sources of information on this Quaker family from the Surname catalogue.
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  1. Both the Family Search online and the local Family History centers have research guides to aid you in methodology and provide background information. Are you familiar with the Quaker faith and the Quaker records?

  2. Ann Elizabeth Kinsey's descendant was May Malone of Indiana. She was the family genealogist and never married. You know that May died in Arizona and a family member said that she always intended to live for a century. Find her in the Social Security Death Index. If you have trouble finding her with the limited search options available at FamilySearch, there are several other sites that allow you to access the Social Security Death Index. They are not identical. Try RootsWeb's Social Security Death Index also.

  3. By 1840, your Kinseys are all in the midwest. Most of them settled in Wayne and Henry Counties, Indiana. By 1880, many had settled in Madison County. Can you find May Malone with her parents in the 1880 census index?
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  1. Genealogical periodicals are an infrequently used source. Several indexes to genealogical periodicals are available, although none are totally comprehensive. One of these is PERSI, an index of periodicals at the Allen County (IN) Public Library. PERSI is available on microfiche at many Family History Centers in two sections: a retrospective index, 1847-1985, and an on-going index, 1986+. PERSI is also available through and HeritageQuest. If you have your Pleasanton library card, you also have remote access to HeritageQuest from the City of Pleasanton Library website. Find some articles that might be relevant for the Kinsey family.

  2. In addition to the sources found in this scavenger hunt, your local family history center maintains a library of general and local references, as well as many microforms on indefinite loan. The largest center in our area is the Oakland Regional Family History Center. Explore their web site and answer these questions.
    1. To which area Family History Center would you go to view Quaker marriage records of Bucks County, Pennsylvania?
    2. Do any local centers hold Kinsey genealogies?

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