Get Serious About Your Family's Heritage

Part One

Much has happened in my world and the world of genealogy since this on line supplemental class began in 1997. Preponderance of Evidence has been replaced by the Genealogical Proof Standard; so much valuable evidence now appears on the Internet that it's become a virtual repository worthy of study; and I've moved from one coast to the other and now in between. These pages have been rewritten to reflect those changes.

Our first four classes introduce the researcher to problem-solving methodology, good research habits, and those records now widely available on line, census records and vital records. Handouts for each class are available in PDF format. Class members will be provided the URL where they can view and download handouts and other helpful files.

Handouts, this web site, and class material are not identical. They're designed to work together. Weekly assignments usually include questions as part of the handout and an online exercise. Printing out a copy of each week's handout is up to the individual student, but if you bring a copy to class, you'll have paper for your notes. ;-)

I would like to get feedback from the students. Let me know if you found these pages helpful. What suggestions do you have?

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