Tackling the Internet

Searching the Internet is more than just "Googling". Genealogists should be familiar with four basic search tools and use all of them, especially when performing literature searches.

Searching for published histories and genealogies

Searching for transcripts and abstracts

Searching for periodical articles

Searching for repository reference material

Searching for families, past and present

Keyword Tips and Tricks

Search engines, directories, and searchable databases all have their own unique searching tricks. Most have both simple search options and advanced search options. If your results aren't what you expect, read the search help file. The following are basic techniques, but not all work for every search engine.

For more information on Google search possibilities, check out the Google Cheat Sheet.

Practice Makes Perfect

For an excellent tutorial on searching and evaluating websites, please study the UC Berkeley Internet Workshop Tutorial. For additional practice, be sure to complete the Internet Scavenger Hunt.

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